1. NET Editions
  2. Deploy to IIS


I’ll be deploying the vue2.saasfrontends.com website.

Step 1: Install .NET Hosting Bundle

Go to the .NET downloads website and install the ASP.NET Core Runtime Hosting Bundle:

.NET Core Runtime

Step 2: Create IIS Website

Open the IIS Manager and create the application.

Publish to Folder Configuration Details

These were my website details:

Publish to Folder Configuration Details

Step 3: Publish

If it doesn’t exist, create the following configuration on Rider or Visual Studio.

Publish to Folder Configuration Details

Then click the Run button.

Publish to Folder Configuration Details

You should get the following output:

3> INFO  Check out deployment instructions at https://cli.vuejs.org/guide/deployment.html
3>NetcoreSaas.WebApi -> /Users/.../bin/Release/net5.0/publish/

Compress the created folder (/publish), move it to the IIS website folder, and run the website:


Step 4: Configure SSL for https

Follow this tutorial to configure Cloudflare SSL and IIS:


Please let me know if you have any questions.