SaaS starter kits
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40+ SaaS Pages, Stripe subscriptions, Postmark emails, Member and Workspace management, and a sample application (Contracts/Employee).

Tailwind CSS


Frontend Features

Everything you need get started building a complete SaaS application.


Buttons, Links, Breadcrumbs, Modals, Image/Document Uploaders, Banners and more.

Tailwind CSS

Improve the current design with your own design skills. Comes with a custom theme color and Dark Mode.

SaaS pages/routes/views

Front (Landing, Pricing...), Account (Login, Register...), Admin (Tenants, Users...), Core (Dashboard, Links...)and Sample app (Contracts, Employees...) views.

Components with TypeScript

Almost every component (Vue2, Vue3, React and Svelte) is written with TypeScript.


Localize your app, comes with English and Spanish locale keys. Recommended extension: i18n-ally.

Fake API (sandbox env)

Love the design-first approach? Just set your environment to sandbox and call fake API implementations.

Persisted Store

Modular persisted store to remember your users previous state.


Lint your code with your own rules, using @typescript-eslint.


Backend Features

Multi-organizations/tenants, clean architecture, integration tests, Stripe subscriptions and Postmark Emails.


Web API built on top of Microsoft's framework, .NET.

Member management

Invite users as Owner, Admin, Member or Guest. Or add your custom roles.

Clean Architecture

Solution split the project into multiple 'layers': Domain, Application, Infrastructre, Tests and ClientApp (frontend).

Stripe Subscriptions

Configure your plans and pricing the way it makes sense for your SaaS.

Integration Tests

Almost every controller method has its own integration test.

Postmark Emails

Setup your custom email tempaltes with Postmark.

Multi-organization & multi-workspace

Designed to have tenants per account/subscription. Each tenant can have 1 or more workspaces.

Entity Framework

EF Core supported databases. Current implementation: PostgreSql.

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